Smarter Technology for the Future

  • Jonathan Wu, VP Sales Support & Operation, showed guests the fan-less set-top box uniquely shaped to optimise heat dispersion.

  • Guests were interested to see photos of Vodoke’s latest projects including Silks Place Tainan and Mandapa, Ritz Carlton Reserve

  • Michael Toh, CEO of Vodoke, captivated the audience’s attention with Vodoke’s clean-looking interface.

  • Attendees were impressed with Vodoke’s ease of use, including a feature enabling users to search the menu using just their voice.

  • Overview of the solution showing Vodoke’s developed software for messaging, content management, advertising, business intelligence, monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Jonathan Wu and Claire Whitcomb from Vodoke, with Harris Wang, General Manager of Fashion and Salvio Wong, General Mangaer of Infrasys, at the fantastic dinner hosted by Fashion after the event.

On 13 August 2015,Vodoke headed to Taipei to participate in Taiwan partner Fashion’s exclusive Hospitality event hosted at the grand Regent Hotel. The invitation-only event entitled ‘Beyond Technology’ was organised to explore cutting-edge hotel technologies focused on improving the guest experience.

Michael Toh, CEO of Vodoke, presented on Vodoke IPTV: ‘Smarter’ Technology For The Future to explain how the Vodoke Hospitality Entertainment Solution could easily improve the guest experience through compelling content, easy-to-use remote control and navigation, and an elegant-looking interface.

In addition to creating a better guest experience, Michael outlined how the solution could be used as a tool for increasing in-room revenue through innovative advertising and gathering data for better understanding of guest behaviour.

The 30-minute talk ended with the first and only ‘live’ product demonstration to the audience, showing Vodoke Beam, Vodoke’s latest product enabling guests to securely share content stored on their phone or tablet with the TV screen. Attendees were surprised at how quickly the personal device was able to scan the QR code and connect to the Playstaq set-top box and took note of the importance of establishing a secure one-to-one connection between the personal device and the in-room TV. Amazed by the smooth, high-quality video playback from both iPad and Android phones, attendees witnessed Vodoke Beam’s ability to display not only movies, but also photographs, images, music and YouTube video clips from the device.

Other speakers included Infrasys who spoke about their flexible POS solutions, Ruckus who explained the necessity of strong and stable in-room WiFi, and LG who displayed their high-quality display panels.

Throughout the event, Vodoke had a booth demonstrating the Gen6 Remote Control’s unique ability to act as a phone for VoIP solutions within the room. Attendees were also impressed to see and feel the added dimension that the Gen6 Remote Control brings to gaming on the TV screen.

The event saw at least 50 guests from various hotels around Taipei, including major international brands such as Shangri-La, Regent, Ambassador Hotel Group, and Cathay Hotel Group. Thank you, Fashion, for arranging this fantastic event!

About Fashion Info Tech

Established in 1987 in Taiwan, Fashion Information Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Fashion) focused on providing reliable services in systems integration and access to advanced technologies. By 1994 the company had generated a sound reputation for itself and accumulated vast experience in system configuration, performance optimisation, technical support, and system services.

Fashion has strategically partnered with world-renowned PMS systems as well as Infrasys POS system in order to become the conduit between the software industry and Taiwan’s hospitality industry. Crucially, Fashion has been able to assist its clientele in improving their processes, management and industry demands through innovative and cutting edge software, application and network technologies.

Some of Fashion’s key hotel customers include, The Westin Taipei, Hotel Royal Taipei, The Sherwood Taipei, The Sheraton Taipei, Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, The Landis Taipei, Le Meridien Taipei, Howard Group, Ambassador Group and FIH Regent Group.

For additional information please contact:

Ms Jessica Kuan
Product Consultant, Fashion Information Technology
Telephone:+886 22717 6333

About Vodoke

Vodoke is a hi-definition IPTV solution provider that designs and manufactures its own set-top box, remote control and various software for enterprises in Telco, Healthcare, Hospitality and Mining industries throughout Asia and Australasia. Vodoke gives its customers the tools to entertain better, generate new revenue streams, increase operation efficiencies, improve communication, and increase brand awareness through cost-effective solutions.

As a Telco. solution provider, Vodoke’s products and solutions are Telco-Grade, meeting the highest standards of security and reliability, and with trusted clients like M1 (one of the leading full-service telecommunications company in Singapore), Parkway Health, and FIH Regent Group, Vodoke is rapidly strengthening its position in all industries.

For additional information please contact:

Ms. Claire Whitcomb
Manager, Sales and Convergent Marketing
Telephone: +65 65959393

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