• Virtual Helpdesk Solution:

    Easily access a database of information and FAQs on the VODOKE system so that you can rectify common issues or difficulties immediately.

  • System Monitoring Solution:

    VODOKE CARE gives you the ability to generate a consolidated view of your complete system.

  • Industrial Strength Media Server:

    VODOKE CAST is a multi-protocol, multi-client streaming server.

  • The Enterprise Firewall Tool:

    Our robust Enterprise firewall software is able to protect, filter, control bandwidth, and monitor and report.

  • Integration Solution:

    With standard HTTP web service protocols, VODOKE LINK is able to integrate to third party systems.

  • Making Your Advertising Count:

    VODOKE SERV is our intuitive and user-friendly Enterprise Ad Serving Technology Software.

  • All-In-One Media Encoder:

    Our advanced encoder performs unparalleled high quality video compression.

  • Managing Your UI and Information:

    Our Enterprise Software for Management, Syndication, Workflow Management.

  • Enterprise Grade Reporting & BI Tool:

    Our flexible and customisable software offers you crucial insight into the behaviour of your users.

  • Your PLAYSTAQ Controller:

    Don’t want to use a remote control? Easily download an App to your tablet or smart phone to control the PLAYSTAQ instead!

  • An Intuitive UI:

    VODOKE PLAY is our patented user centric interface.

  • The Internet of Things:

    Control your lights, TV, air-conditioner or curtains remotely through your phone with our VODOKE ROOM App.

  • Instant Messaging and Control:

    Our intelligent Enterprise server provides safe and secure real-time, two-way conversation between you and your users.

  • Customising Content Tool:

    Customisation for content is so much easier with VODOKE TOOL.

  • Beam Your Own Content:

    Now you can easily and securely share content from your personal Android or iOS device to the big TV screen using Vodoke Beam!