Consumers have shown demand for their favourite shows, games and apps to be streamed to their living room, tablets and mobiles. In short – it is their ‘Lifestyle on Demand’ wherever and whenever they want it. Vodoke works with Telcos and ISPs to power the next generation of Online Digital TV with content that is found on smart devices today. We believe ‘Smart Television’ should be intelligent, interactive, intuitive and it should reflect the current social lifestyle. Through a distinctive and user-friendly interface, you can deliver content consumers actually want to the big screen, ensuring that you profit from their digital experience!
Today’s Hospitality Industry relies heavily on reviews and social media. With Vodoke’s Hospitality Entertainment Solution, the TV screen becomes an extension of your hotel branding. And with our fully integrated social media features, you can increase your social media presence in an exciting and interactive way. Maximise the potential income from each guest during their stay through our effective advertising module which you control to up-sell your products and services, or cross-sell local products or services – the power is yours!

We can tailor our system to meet the specific requirements of your site, helping you to cut costs and create opportunities for additional income.

Improve your hospital’s workflow and patient satisfaction scores, with our software suite and integration to your current building management systems. Through our platform, interactively communicate important information (for example about your facility and the patient’s treatment) and provide access to entertainment, social media and other home comforts to engage and revitalise spirits for a more enjoyable stay at your healthcare facility.

Whether it be an acute care facility, hospital or aged care site, with our flexible solution and experienced team, we will work with you to tailor a solution that truly meets your needs and requirements.

Mining staff can be difficult to retain with long hours away from family and home comforts. Create that ‘home away from home’ environment for your staff, with Vodoke’s access to OTT content such as YouTube and TuneIn radio, games and social media. Give them the ability to easily stay connected to their families and friends through Skype and our specially designed Gen6 Remote complete with Microphone and Speaker.

We can tailor our system to meet the specific requirements of your site, helping you look after your most valuable asset – your staff.