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Return On Your Investment

If improving guest experience isn’t enough, we also give you the tools to sell more and improve your efficiency!

  • Synergise Your Branding

    With user friendly tools it is easy for you to customise the TV screen to match your unique design and style, increasing brand recognition and awareness.

  • Advertise

    Each screen is a potential Point Of Sales (POS) and we give you the tools to advertise and promote your/your partners’ products or services in a more attractive way.

  • Monitor, Report and Analyse

    Everything that is done on the TV can be tracked and recorded,from the information that the patient has looked at, services the patient has ordered, to the games or videos that have been played or watched.

  • Re-Organise and Optimise

    Based on analysis of your real data, you can re-organise your content offering, run better promotions, and better allocate your resources. Result: maximise your profits.


With many solutions available on the market we want to make it easier for you to see how we measure up against other providers:

Feature Smart TV One View Barco Lincor Vodoke
Dip-Sterilisable Handset with Mic & Speaker and ‘Air-Mouse’ (touch screen) (touch screen) (touch screen)
TV Agnostic and easy implementation (arm mount) (arm mount) (arm mount)
Live TV & VOD
Live Radio 100,000+ channels worldwide
3D Interactive Gaming party gaming console
News & Magazines 3,500+ publications worldwide
E-Visit Using VOIP solutions patients can call home
Patient Education & E-Survey
Multilingual only 3 languages only 14 languages 50+ languages
Dip-Sterilisable Handset
Integration to all major Building Management Systems, Patient Information, Bed Management Software
Integration to Nursecall
Electronic Housekeeping
Business Intelligence
System Monitoring and Troubleshooting