Vodoke Hotel Entertainment Solution at Mandapa – a Ritz Carlton Reserve

Exclusive five-star hotel matches the quality of their accommodations with Vodoke’s in-room entertainment system.

Located in the secluded district of Ubud, where thriving jungles meet the Ayung River, the Ritz Carlton Reserve (Marriott’s premium brand of hotels) has created their most luxurious and intimate property yet. The property features 35 exquisite suites and 25 private pool villas elegantly designed and meticulously furnished to complement the picturesque natural surroundings resulting in a peaceful and spiritual sanctuary, giving travellers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Vodoke was honoured to become the first Asian IPTV provider to be selected for Marriott’s 5-star Ritz Carlton Reserve brand for private resorts and luxury villas (as announced on Vodoke’s website previously). The Hospitality Entertainment Solution was fully deployed in a short period of 3 weeks, which was followed by 2 weeks of stringent testing. Vodoke also provided training on the various software tools, in particular Vodoke’s comprehensive Content Management System, Vodoke Team and Vodoke’s Messaging and Monitoring software, Vodoke Talk. Mr Yudi Krisna, IT Manager, Mandapa -a Ritz Carlton Reserve, shared that “from the technical side I can easily manage hotel information, customize home menu and internet applications distributed to our guest TV.”


In addition to the software tools for managing the system, the Vodoke Hospitality Entertainment Solution came complete with Vodoke Playstaq and Vodoke’s user-friendly Gen 5 Remote Control, as well as integration to Micros Fidelio’s Opera Property Management System (PMS). Guests are able to access 41 live TV channels, hotel information, and applications such as YouTube, Pandora, TuneIn, and Internet Browser on the guest TV through a specially approved Marriott interface.

In keeping with Mandapa’s reputation for offering exceptionally personalised services, which includes dedicated butler services Mr Yudi Krisna, IT Manager, Mandapa -a Ritz Carlton Reserve, was pleased to observe that, “from our guest side, it is user friendly enough with more options for entertainment, TV channels, games, internet TV or YouTube whenever they want. The image quality distributed is very good, sharp and clear and their names shown on the welcome screen is a plus.”

Michael Toh, CEO, Vodoke commented: “As a Telco-Grade IPTV solution provider we know that we can deliver a stable and reliable Hotel In-Room Entertainment System. However, we are absolutely thrilled that international brands like Marriott have entrusted such a prestigious and exceptional project with us.”

Mr Yudi Krisna, IT Manager, Mandapa – a Ritz Carlton Reserve, added: “it is a great pleasure to have Vodoke for our guest TV solution.”

About Mandapa – a Ritz Carlton Reserve

Ritz Carlton Reserve is the most luxurious resort under Marriott’s hotel brand Ritz Carlton. Each reserve has been carefully planned to provide guests with a completely private sanctuary in the most exquisite corners of the world. With a truly individualised and responsive service, including a dedicated butler, indulgent spas, and distinctive recreational opportunities to offer the journey of a lifetime.

About Vodoke

Vodoke is a hi-definition IPTV solution provider that designs and manufactures its own set-top box, remote control and various software for enterprises in Telco, Healthcare, Hospitality and Mining industries throughout Asia and Australasia. Vodoke gives its customers the tools to entertain better, generate new revenue streams, increase operation efficiencies, improve communication, and increase brand awareness through cost-effective solutions.

As a Telco. solution provider, Vodoke’s products and solutions are Telco-Grade, meeting the highest standards of security and reliability, and with trusted clients like M1 (one of the leading full-service telecommunications company in Singapore), Parkway Health, and FIH Regent Group, Vodoke is rapidly strengthening its position in all industries.

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